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Miscellaneous Rambling

Welcome to EWTN 24/7 Week. Lots of good stuff out there. Take advantage of it. * * * * * * * Speaking of good stuff, if you haven’t checked out the Fr. John Riccardo podcasts, you need to. He’s probably the best Catholic speaker since Corapi. That’s probably not the greatest comparison, but the guy is great. His grandfather was the President of the Detroit Lions in the 1950s (the great era of multiple championships and Bobby Layne) and his father was President of Ford (a not-so-great era of motor cars). He went to the University of Michigan, graduating just a year ahead of me. I probably bumped into him at some parties or bars, based on the way he describes his early twenties. If you check him out, use the fast forward button at the beginning to get past the preliminary stuff. Each podcast is a recording of a live speech he gave and starts with other stuff of uneven quality (one podcast featured a prayer by a woman that was probably the longest prayer I’ve ever heard; one of the only times a prayer almost prompted me to mutter the f-bomb). * * * * * * * Speaking of muttering the f-bomb, Netflix’s House of Cards has prompted me to mutter it a few times with its season three. I’ve now stopped watching, in the middle of episode 32. The writers are more concerned about advancing their homosexual agenda than telling a compelling story. I could stomach the queer line if the show were good, but it simply drags. How the writers could write two great seasons and then completely crap all over the page in season three, is beyond me. * * * * * * * As always, very little, if any, original blogging will appear at TDE during the Triduum. There will be quotes, Guardini and others, but that’s about it.