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When I self-diagnosed myself with gluten intolerance, I swore off beer. I tried a few gluten-free beers, but only one of them tasted like a “real” beer. I’d been drinking beer for over thirty years, but I haven’t gone back. It’s all vodka all the time, with some gin and perhaps rum now and then.

That might have to change. According to The Telegraph, people besides eunuchs, gays, and gluten-intolerants are drinking the stuff: “How we all went crazy for gluten-free beer: Brewers and shops are reporting increasing demand for gluten-free beer – and it’s not just the coeliacs who are drinking it.” Excerpts:

“Normal beers are generally made using barley and wheat, both of which contain gluten. Gluten-free beers tend to use alternative grains and grasses such as millet, rice, corn, buckwheat or sorghum in place of these during the brewing process. . . . Flavour-wise, gluten-free beers are often described as crisp and cider-like with fruity accents. . . . Thirsty coeliacs as well as people following the popular paleo eating plan, which restricts all types of grains. Going gluten-free is also a general lifestyle choice for the heath-conscious, who associate it with better digestion and general gut health . . .”.