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Man, BYCU blogging is almost too easy this week: Halloween is now a big drinking night, as evidenced by this infographic.

There are many sites dedicated to boozy Halloween costumes, Halloween parties, and Halloween drinks.

But it’s not for me. Halloween is for kids, always has been and always should be. Even as a boy I remember thinking it mildly inappropriate to see adults put on costumes (whereas, I never remember finding it inappropriate to see them drinking to the point that they were dancing raucously or telling loud, inappropriate jokes). There’s nothing wrong with costumes, of course. It’s all in good fun and each person has his own idea of what’s fun and what’s not. Costumes have just never struck me as the kind of fun adults have.

I think I last wore a costume to a party when a junior at the University of Michigan, and it consisted solely of a ripped garbage bag that I put around my neck. When people asked me what I was, I merely replied “Your worst nightmare.” The humor behind it is too indelicate for TDE to explain further, but a group of guys at one party liked it so much that they nominated me for best costume. Alas, when the judges saw how lame it was, they wouldn’t put me into the competition.

Anyway, my Halloween drinking these days is pretty much limited to a tumbler of vodka and tonic that I sip from while walking my remaining little kids around town. This will be my twentieth year of taking kids trick-or-treating. I oughtta celebrate in grand fashion with a huge tumbler of vodka-tonic, but I have “volunteered” to clear out my downtown’s pumpkin decorations tonight after trick-or-treating. There are over 60 pumpkins and a few bales of straw, so I’m borrowing a friend’s truck. I don’t think he’d appreciate me showing up sideways.

(I put “volunteer” in quotes because it’s not an act of altruism on my part. I compost the pumpkins and use the straw to cover my garden.)

In any event, happy Halloween everyone.