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Miscellaneous Rambling

I’m slowly wrapping up the garden. This wonderful weather is giving me the opportunity to put things away gradually, just spending an hour a two a week readying beds for next year and cleaning out my 50+ pots. It’s also giving me an opportunity to rake in some serious squash. A squash bug infestation wiped out my first crop, so I planted a new batch in early June, knowing that a short growing season would leave me short, but that hasn’t happened. Barring theft (someone actually stole two pumpkins from my side yard, just feet from my daughters’ bedroom windows) or some other aberration, I could grab as many as 50 winter squash (but many of them mini varieties), though I expect the number to be more in the 30-40 range. * * * * * * * Further good garden news: the worm factory is producing a lot of vermicompost. It’s probably cranking about 10-15 pounds a month of, reputedly, the world’s greatest soil amendment. * * * * * * * Write your own joke: Man tried to smuggle 51 turtles in pants across border. And no, it wasn’t a Mexican penetrating Texas with his penis at risk. It was an Oriental (at least a dude with an Oriental-sounding name) penetrating Detroit through the Canadian border. * * * * * * * I’ve traveled that Canada-Detroit tunnel and bridge many times. It used to be one of my favorite things to do. There was something about “just crossing over into Canada” for kicks that appealed to me. And the fact that the drinking age was/is 18. Canada doesn’t send its kids to die in war, wielding million-dollar weapons, and then tell them they’re not responsibile enough to drink a beer or put $1 in a slot machine. * * * * * * * Text message from my Spanish major son, Alex: “We’re reading Muhammad’s Ladder in my medieval Spanish class. Got to say, Muslim heaven sounds PRETTY cool. ‘You must know that Alla has many virgin women prepared, the most beautiful in the world, and many serving wenches and many houses, so beautiful that no man could describe them.'” My son hastens to add that the translation is his, so an expert might contest points in his rendering.

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