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A Random Passage

My skepticism has made me a nicer person: not inclined to judge anything, I’m not inclined to get bothered by anything. It’s been a remarkable shift in mental landscape for me, and I hope to foster it, but I have my lapses.

Too many lapses.

My biggest source of falling: noise. The loud talker, the person who constantly makes noise so others know he’s around, the cackling middle-aged woman who doesn’t realize demureness is made for her physical state, the flawed muffler, leaf blowers.

It’s been annoyance of mine for many, many years (link), but apparently my distaste has a revered tradition. I ran across this recently:

Nothing is more becoming a man than silence. It is not the preaching but the practice which ought to be considered as the more important. A profusion of words is sure to lead to error. Talmud