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A TDE reader found himself in Frankenmuth, Michigan, last weekend for its annual Oktoberfest. He sent me this article about a new up=-scale joint: Prost Wine Bar and Charcuterie. The place sounds neat, but the article is unremarkable, except it mentions that the Bar has “wine on tap.” That was a new one for me. I guess I need to get out more. * * * * * * * Saw this on my Twitter timeline. No idea if it’s true. If it is, I recommend Five O’Clock vodka for its implementation: “Vodka can be used to soothe jellyfish stings, as a bug repellent and used as hair conditioner.” And even if it’s not true, if you drink enough of vodka, you won’t feel the sting, notice the bugs, or care about your hair. * * * * * * * Another piece of advice from Twitter: “When life gives you lemon, add vodka.” * * * * * * * Musta been a Foster’s: A “20-year-old escaped a crocodile attack by poking it in the eyes and later treating the pain with beer.” Link. * * * * * * * I used to drink a lot of Foster’s. But then my Dad switched brands and, like an obedient son without his own ample source of drinking income, switched too. * * * * * * * The beers I drank with Dad: Michelob, Foster’s, Honey Brown, in that order: Michelob in high school, Foster’s in college, Honey Brown in law school. When I wasn’t with my Dad, my corresponding beers: Little Kings (h.s.), Old Milwaukee (undergrad), Pabst Blue Ribbon (law school). Of course, during my school days, a wide assortment of other cheap beers rotated into the mix. To name just a few: Blatz (one of my favorite cheap beers); Beer (generic . . . nasty stuff); Red, White and Blue; Schlitz (another favored brand); Stroh’s (lots of Stroh’s; hadda, since it was Detroit fire brewed, whatever that means).