Monday Miscellany

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I took the family to Cedar Point on Friday. We had a great time. It got off to a rough start: Key roller coasters were out of service for the first part of the day. It was highly frustrating. But I think the humidity and threat of thunderstorms kept the crowds away, so we only had to wait for one ride (called “The Maverick,” which is my favorite; the wait was 30 minutes, which is “nothing” compared to the 90+ minutes that, I’m told, people regularly wait during peak times). * * * * * * * A random thought after being shut out once again at confession last weekend: Why is the USCCB pushing the “New Evangelization,” when its priests are stretched so thin that they can’t consistently administer the sacraments to their existing flock? That’d be like me engaging in an aggressive advertising campaign when I can’t even service my existing client base properly. * * * * * * * When that thought first occurred to me, it came to me as a snarky interior joke, but upon reflection, I think there’s more to it than sardonic humor. If existing flocks are flocking to Hell because the sacraments can’t be administered, why are we trying to expand the flock? Is it so the flock later grows with devout Catholics, resulting in greater vocations, so then, many years down the line, we have enough priests? Could be, but are we then saying, “To Hell with the current flock? We’ll take our chances with them?” And if you can’t administer to them, can you really expect their mortally-stained souls to be effective evangelizers? At what point does the sacrifice of the current generation turn the current generation into Dostoyevsky’s “manure men”? But then again, if we don’t get a more devout Catholic client base, then we’re screwed further. It’s quite the dilemma, yes. * * * * * * * I strive to keep TDE from straying into the vulgar, but this video of my youngest son after too much Cedar Point is pretty funny. (Note: After finishing, Max looked at me and said, “I’m ready for the Mantis now!”):


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