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Although I haven’t read all of it, I’ve frequently dipped into Alberto Manguel’s splendid A History of Reading. Manguel was once referred to as the “Casanova of reading,” which makes him a nerd par excellence . . . and a man I’d like to meet.

But I never knew he liked Chesterton, until I heard Dale Ahlquist recommend (on his EWTN series) On Lying in Bed & Other Essays and flash a picture of an edition edited by Manguel. I was watching the TV and kind of perked up and said to myself, “Did that say ‘Alberto Manguel’? The same Manguel who wrote the History?”

It did and it is.

Consider it yet another feather in GKC’s cap that a man of Manguel’s reading depth enjoys him. I don’t think it’ll land GKC closer to canonization (though Manguel is from Argentina), but still a nice feather.