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Here’s a decent article from Lew Rockwell earlier this week: Wine Etiquette Gone Horribly Wrong. It’s not as good as the title implies, and, indeed, I think only a borderline wine snob would really like it, but I’m a bit strapped for time today so it’ll have to serve for this week’s BYCU.

Excerpt: I had an old couple come into a 3 star restaurant I worked in. They had a ’57 Lafite in a plastic bag, from the year they were married and wanted to drink it. Of course we said it was OK and I opened and decanted it. It was very low in the neck and tasted of vinegar. They loved it! Sentimental value. They drank all of it and left happy. 2 hours later they rang saying that they were feeling unwell and thought they had food poisoning! Ronan Saybourn, Master Sommelier.