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The 4chan online community has struck again. They spread word in their community that was holding an online vote on “What’s the one book that transformed your life forever?” The 4channers descended on the site and vote Mein Kampf number one and Mein Kampf, Special Banned Edition, number two. They also voted a few other colorful titles into the top 20. Pic here.

Humorous: A Mormon publication ran an article earlier this week, proud that The Book of Mormon was first on the list (4 channers also appear to have a “thing” for The Book of Mormon, which I don’t understand). It then added the following addendum a few days later:

Editor’s note: Voting is ongoing, and since this story was published Wednesday, the Book of Mormon has dropped to No. 4, and its location on the list will continue to change. As a warning, some of the works that have been added by users and voted up since Wednesday are explicit and controversial.

As near as I can tell, has pulled the poll.

I get my 4chan updates from my son, Alex. I’ve never visited the site, since he assures me that the content there is rather, well, “collegiate.” But they appear to have a robust sense of humor. These are the same folks who voted the name “Hitler Did Nothing Wrong” to the top of a Mountain Dew poll that asked the public to vote/name their next brand of soda.