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Some good “Today I Learned” entries at Reddit:

“[A]fter Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals in the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin, Adolf Hitler sent Owens a commemorative inscribed cabinet photograph of himself. Honors were not bestowed upon Jesse Owens by either President Franklin D. Roosevelt or his successor Harry S. Truman during their terms.”

A “Wilson the volleyball from the movie ‘Cast Away’ won a ‘Best Inanimate Object’ award.”

“There is a skyscraper in New York City with no windows.”

“After President Kennedy’s autopsy, his brain, tissue slides and other autopsy materials immediately disappeared and have not been found since.”

“Jules Verne wrote the novel “Paris in the Twentieth Century” back in 1863 and described a world of glass skyscrapers, high-speed trains, gas-powered automobiles, calculators, and a worldwide communications network.”

“Some of competitors at the first modern Olympic games (1896) were tourists who happened to be in Athens.”

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