Interesting but Old News

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I remember reading (5? 10?) years ago that 10% of Americans are ex-Catholics, so this is no surprise: “According to recent demographic surveys, it seems there are presently 30 million people in the U.S. who identify themselves as ‘former Catholics.'” Link.

How could this be happening, fifty years after Vatican II reforms?

Yes, of course I write that with a large measure of sarcasm.

The Church needs to be true to its roots, uncompromisingly holding to its supernatural foundation. There is no other option. Metaphysically, its hands are tied, so it might as well admit it and behave consistently with it.

If people leave, let them go. Perhaps the Church some day shrinks to its original size: twelve. What of it? It’s more important that the nucleus stands firm than that the circle widens to the point of bloat and disease, which, part of me, says is where we are today. Attrition is good, if the proper parts are falling off.

Lose the fat, keep the muscle.