The Fascist

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For those who haven’t made it over the TDE Twitter account, fascinating excerpts from Thaddeus Russell’s Renegade History:

“[W]hen the New Deal was created, few of its supporters in the United States were as effusive in their praise as were German and Italian fascists.”

“Both Roosevelt and Hitler came to power in the depths of the Depression, and both argued that their extraordinary accumulation of authority and the establishment of a martial society were necessary in a time that was as perilous, they claimed, as war.”

“Another group that was overwhelmingly supportive of Italian fascism was American big business.”

“Roosevelt also had many loyal supporters. One of his admirers sent word to the White House encouraging the president to stand his ground and be proud of his ‘heroic efforts in the interests of the American people.’ The president’s ssuccessful battle against economic distress,’ wrote the German chancellor, Adolf Hitler, ‘is being followed by the entire German people with interest and admiration.'”