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I appreciate Pope Francis’ efforts to emphasize the Church’s pastoral mission, but I wonder if he appreciated that he was giving hope to the hopelessly left-wing in the RCC. I’m seeing more and more articles like these popping up. Liberal Catholics have asked to meet Pope Francis to add their views to talks next week on changes in the Church, hoping the conciliatory tone he has brought to the papacy will allow more open decision making.

The RCC Left simply doesn’t get it: Women ordination, gay marriage, abortion, contraception. Those things aren’t up for negotiation. We can talk about what to do with gays in the Church, but we can’t talk about gay marriage. Such a thing is an oxymoronic monstrosity in the (immutable) teachings of the Church.

Poor Francis. He tried to be a nice guy, and now he’s going to start getting pummeled by the MSM for it, but he should’ve known there’s no winning with these people. There’s only capitulation and defeat. Anything less, and they’re disgruntled.

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