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Background: When I was the editor of Gilbert Magazine, I was responsible for the “Tremendous Trifles” column. It was occasionally hard to find a sufficient amount of interesting GKC material to fill the page, so John Peterson sent me a file full of Chesterton ancedotes. They were idiosyncratic, historical, and Chestertonian. He gave me permission to use them here. I hope y’all find them as interesting as I have over the years. Most of them have never been published.

Chesterton Short(s)

In his 1979 study of the Oxford Inklings, Humphrey Carpenter concludes that the mind of C.S. Lewis had two aspects, the poet and the debater, and when the debater was in ascendancy, Carpenter says interestingly enough that Lewis showed the mark of Chesterton. [The Inklings, Houghton Mifflin, p. 221]