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Hallelujah: I attended my last baseball game of the season last night. It might even be my last baseball game ever, since my youngest son isn’t sure he wants to play next year. Whatever he decides is fine with me. I’d like him to have the experience of playing, but I hate–itchingly detest–sitting in the hot sun with bugs flying around me and dust floating off the field. * * * * * * * I wouldn’t have lasted too long in one of those Japanese POW camps. * * * * * * * President Obama says Catholic schools are divisive. Fr. Z properly blasts him, but hey, it needs to be admitted: Anything that isn’t the State is divisive. Everything should be governed and controlled from Washington, then everyone everywhere will get along. * * * * * * * I sympathize with Serena. She probably could’ve said it a little kinder, and with more harshness toward the bastard rapists, but Serena has a point. We do no one a service by denying that women should take a common sense role in their own self-defense, which is all (I think) Serena was trying to say. * * * * * * * Excellent, of course: The Vatican has secretly attributed a mystery miracle to the late John Paul II, clearing the way for him to be declared a saint. * * * * * * * I’m looking to get the nod someday. * * * * * * * But this &*#^&!( *(#&@# blog is holding me back. * * * * * * * I was instructed earnestly as a youngster to despise Ralph Nader, but my respect for him as haltingly grown over the past 20 years. He’s kind of like Ron Paul: A little nutty? Sure, perhaps, but maybe that’s because the mainstream is so out of whack. And regardless: He’s honest and sincere. This is apparently borne out in a new interview, in which Nader says there has never been a bigger con man in the White House than Barack Obama. Amen . . . and Obama has some pretty stiff competition in that regard.