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The IRS official will take The Fifth. How special. * * * * * * * I’m glad we turned health care over to the IRS. No risks there. * * * * * * * So now the Obama White House is engaged in three scandals. * * * * * * * I have a theory: The Powers that Be want two strong, yet roughly equal, political parties. When one party starts to get too strong, the Powers bring it down a notch. These scandals picked up considerable steam right around the time that preliminary polling indicated that the Democrats would pick up seats in the 2014 elections. * * * * * * * Why do the Powers want to two parties? Simple: It keeps out third parties, and the Powers have the two ascendant parties under their thumb. If they get third party mavericks in there, they might lose their grip. * * * * * * * In fact, I think the Democrats want a viable Republican party and vice-versa. Why? The same reason: It keeps out third-party candidates. If two parties are viable, a vote for any other candidate is merely a wasted vote. Just a theory, of course, but I suspect it’s valid.

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