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Finally, a gorgeous weekend. Of course, I celebrated by gardening all afternoon then knocking back a bottle of wine, so I’m not feeling great for Day Two of the Only Nice Weekend of 2013, but I suppose I can be forgiven. * * * * * * * Speaking of wine, this looks like a neat event. Michigan Wine and Beer Fest 2013. It will be held May 18th at the Michigan International Speedway. I’m not a car racing fan, but the Speedway is a pretty cool venue. I’ve been there twice for state cross-country meets. If they fill the infield with vendors, this could be a crapulous affair. * * * * * * * And if you go, be sure to check out one of Michigan’s best Stations of the Cross. I’ve never been there, but I’ve read about it and my sister-in-law has been there and she said it’s worth a visit. * * * * * * * And why am I plugging my state? Because no matter how frustrated I get with its anti-business red tape (my mantra: “As long as it can’t get rid of its Byzantine Liquor Control Code and its obvious salves for special interests, don’t tell me Michigan is pro-business”), Michigan in May is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Colorful blossoms burst off trees, grass is lush green, intermittent clouds provide an animated backdrop, bright waters puncture the landscape. Of course, most of the United States is gorgeous in May, but I entertain the conceit that my state is just a little bit more gorgeous.