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Just as I believe that big business rapes America (not always, of course, but too often to trust ’em), I believe small business is America’s greatest virtue. Sure, there’s too much red tape and big business can use the crush of bureaucracy to stifle their little competitors, but overall, America is friendly toward small business. Always has been and always will be.

One of the newest small business phenomena in America today? Nanobreweries. They’re cropping up all over the place, providing an outlet for the hobbyist, the entrepreneur, and the hobbyist/entrepreneur combo. A TDE reader recently brought to my attention one of the newest nanobrewers in my region: The Findlay Brewing Company. Assuming the beer tastes good, they appear to be doing everything right (though they should update their blog more often). It’s situated just two hours from my house. At some point, I’ll have to “hop” over.