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Very little blogging today. My web provider has again let me down. Things, technologically-speaking, are getting very bad for TDE. Last week, my web provider inadvertently blocked my access to TDE from my house (note: they deny it; I have no way to prove otherwise), then yesterday, they took down the site entirely. I simply don’t know what to expect from day to day. It’s too difficult to work on a blog with such technological uncertainty and frustration.

For today, I just want to plug a podcast: Catholic Stuff You Should Know. These two young men do an excellent job. It’s pitched to a younger audience and the information is often somewhat basic, but overall, I give it a “B+” for my purposes. I have listened to about ten episodes and plan on listening to scores more during the upcoming hours of gardening.

And for those who are just beginning to take their Catholic heritage seriously, I give it an “A.” I enthusiastically recommended it to my oldest three children (ages 19-16). I think the podcast will be a nearly perfect fit for them. They’re intelligent kids who, for teenagers, read a lot about Catholicism already.