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Whew, that was some brutal weather last weekend. I woke up Saturday morning to snow on the ground. It appears my early garden weathered it alright. Things are now looking up. With any luck, I’ll start moving my container tomatoes and peppers outside later this week. It’s about time. * * * * * * * Dang it. I guess I better cancel my vacation to Saudi Arabia: “Three men were deported from Saudi Arabia — because they were declared ‘too handsome’ for the Muslim country. . . The Saudis arrested the men and told them they were so handsome that they might tempt local women.” * * * * * * * Discouraged by the beat down of gold and silver last week? I am, but heck, I’m discouraged all around. And the way I figure it, I’m just ahead of the curve. There’s probably plenty of beat downs headed for every working and productive American at some point (the loafers should be fine): “Harvard economist Carmen Reinhart argues governments are incapable of reducing their debts and that central banks are now stepping up to resolve the crisis themselves. In the end, she argues, everyday savers will pay the price.”