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“IT’S OFFICIAL: Canned craft beer is no longer evil.” Link.

I’m glad to hear that. I always enjoyed drinking out of a can. I was also a beer can collector as a kid. I spent many hours just looking at the cans’ art work. That past time is also going to be making a big comeback, it would appear:

Nearly 900 separate brands from 265 small American breweries are now canned, according to an authoritative database maintained by That’s a phenomenal number when you consider that just 11 years ago, the total was exactly zero.

But it’s not just the fast-growing numbers that are notable. It turns out that aluminum cans are a perfect medium to express the creativity of small brewers.

Just check out the stacks of cans at your local beer store and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Where bottle labels are mostly small, neat, uniform rectangles, cans are open canvases that give imaginative artists a greater opportunity to reflect the spirit of the beer inside.

FDR calmly smoking on 21st Amendment Fireside Chat is as warming and comfortable as a spiced winter warmer. Flying Dog Snake Dog, illustrated with the insane artwork of Ralph Steadman, is manic and in your face. The life-size, clenched fist dominating cans from Chicago’s Revolution Brewing makes you want to grab one for yourself.