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Public service announcement: According to at least one respected commentator, only the following teams have what it takes to win the Tournament: Louisville, Gonzaga, Indiana, MSU, Florida, Kansas, and Duke. Kansas, of course, doesn’t have what it takes even to make it past the Sweet Sixteen, since they’re gonna run into Michigan in that round. * * * * * * * Assuming UM can make it past South Dakota State. The booming states always make me nervous: Their populations are increasing, thereby increasing their local talent pool, but because they don’t have a history of excellence, they don’t get the respect they deserve. Boise State fell into this category for many years. I suspect Montana and South Dakota State fall into that category now. * * * * * * * If I have neglected to mention it, you should add “Big Medicine” to that unholy triad of groups that are raping the middle class. Big Government, Big Business, Big Education, Big Medicine. Once you realize they’re all in league with one another, the machinations out of Washington start to make sense. * * * * * * * But hey, Big Education is worth it. Exhibit A:

Something for Lent

“[F]or us wounded human beings, possessing imperceptibly slips into being possessed.” Thomas Dubay, Happy Are You Poor


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