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I don’t get involved much in the gun control debate, but this quip yesterday made me smile: “If guns kill people, how does anybody get out of a gun show alive?” * * * * * * * Who could’ve possibly seen anything like this coming: “Prison guard pregnant with cop killer’s child, prosecutors say.” * * * * * * * “Oregon bakery refuses to make same-sex wedding cake.” “Big deal,” I thought. But it is a big deal: The Oregon AG is investigating. It appears the freedom of association and religious conviction loses against the right of a gay couple to have a particular baker make their wedding cake. It makes sense, of course. Just weigh ’em: Freedom of religion and association v. Cake. The latter obviously wins. * * * * * * * Speaking of reasons to retreat from the world: I’m going to start micro-tomatoes and baby peppers soon, using the Wall of Water to start the season a month early. I’m going to put the plants in smaller self-watering containers and put the containers in the Walls of Water. I just came up with that idea yesterday. Pretty stoked.