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If you’re interested in economics and agriculture, you might enjoy this EconTalk podcast: Lisa Turner on Organic Farming. For a variety of reasons, I expected the podcast to be an attack on the organic farming/gardening movement, but it wasn’t. Not at all. The show’s host is genuinely curious about the whole thing. * * * * * * * I guess CBS declined to run a Super Bowl ad by a SodaStream because it was too harsh on Pepsi and Coke. You can see the ad here. It’s not harsh at all. In fact, it’s kind of lame. I smell a rat, maybe a PR-marketing deal between SodaStream and CBS (“If we ban the commercial, you’ll get even more publicity”). * * * * * * * You can now put your head on a PEZ dispenser. What more could a person want out of life? * * * * * * * Mark Shea provided an update of sorts on Fr. Corapi (the update: “There’s not much to update”). I liked his concluding lines: “In America, however, Catholicism drinks deep of the cult of celebrity and confuses that with the cult of the saints. Result: we keep canonizing Living Saints before it has really been established that they are saints and then we circle the wagons to defend them [from just criticism].”