One Other Thing

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Ron Paul ccould’ve held President Obama to 303 electoral votes. For crying out loud: a Repubican piece of wood could’ve held Obama to 303 votes. But for all those who wouldn’t vote for Paul because he wasn’t electable: egg on your face.

On my way to an out-of-town obligation, I listened to talk radio. I heard speculation that Romney was too conservative. I’ve heard all along from my circles that Romney was too moderate. So, the Republican Party has a real mess on its hands. In 2008 and 2012, it elected the most moderate candidates. In both, they got shellacked.

Maybe, just maybe, its time for a change? Conservatives need desperately to re-acquaint themselves with the old conservative history and literature: Bob Taft, Nock, Sumner, and the like. There lies its salvation. Barring that, we’ll continue down this road to perdition.