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What Tonight Means to Me

This was a beat down.

A thrashing.

It wasn’t close, and it wasn’t because of Sandy. It was never close.

It is because everything that made the United States great has been officially denounced.

Shed your delusions about the United States. It’s no longer a great place. It’s not even a safe place.

We live under a regime, a self-feeding, mauling regime that has tasted raw political power. A regime that knows it must take from some and give to others in order to keep growing. A regime that wants to take from some and give to others in order to keep growing.

What’s different now is, the regime doesn’t even need to pretend otherwise.

It knows it can raise taxes . . . and get elected. It knows it can expand its reach . . . and get applauded. It knows it has a reliable group of under-class voters that finally get it: it’s possible–aye, easy–to take from the middle class and give to themselves, just as long as they feed power to the State by electing those who will do everything possible to expand the reach of the State.

If a person wants power in these United States of America, he must promise more free stuff. This is now the only way to power, and every one with political aspirations now knows it.

Severus told his sons, “Take care of the legions.” Bush will tell his grandsons, “Take care of the masses.” A few generations later, the Bushes will be telling their children, “Take care of the army.”

Political power doesn’t produce. It has no wealth of its own. Therefore, it must appropriate the wealth from others.

But no one takes from rich people: They control Wall Street, and no one messes with Wall Street.

They’ll take from the middle class, they’ll give to the under-classes, and the very upper-classes will keep loftily immune: they’ll pay taxes too, but they’ll merely be giving a small slice off the top of what they’ve misappropriated in massive quantities from Washington largesse.

Tonight is a watershed moment.

It’s over. The State is officially here, and it’s hungry, and it’s ruthless, and it doesn’t want to hear any your crap.

It has the votes to feed its voracious appetite.

It doesn’t even need to pretend that it believes in hard work, industry, saving, self-reliance, and responsibility.

It knows it has the official support of the American people.


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