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I can’t say I’ve ever read Gentleman’s Quarterly. In fact, the term “GQ” and “gay as hell” were pretty much synonymous in my circle while growing up. But when a TDE reader sent me this story, “5 Best Beer Cities in America,” I had to click on it. It’s an unusual list:

1. Los Angeles
2. Denver
3. Philadelphia
4. Cleveland
5. San Francisco

I’ve seen 2 and 3 on other lists, but Los Angeles at the top? And Cleveland? I would’ve thought Milwaukee, Boston, and St. Louis would all rank higher. (Someone, incidentally, should write about the best small cities for beer. I’d bet that my local city, Kalamazoo, would rank pretty high.)

Coincidentally, U.S.A. Today recently ran this story: “10 Best Beer Cities in the World.”

1. Munich
2. Denver
3. Montreal
4. Amsterdam
5. Milwaukee
6. Dublin
7. Boston
8. Portland
9. Brussels
10. Prague

What, no Los Angeles?

Photo attribution: By Boston Public Library (BPL) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons