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Congrats to Miguel Cabrera: the first triple crown winner in 45 years. I can’t believe there wasn’t a lot more media coverage of this phenomenal achievement. It’s either a testament to baseball’s declining popularity or a testament to the idea that, if it doesn’t happen in New York or California, the sports media ain’t much interested. * * * * * * * Feast Day of St. Francis. If you’ve never read GKC’s bio, I highly recommend it. It’s not quite as good as The Dumb Ox, but it’s up there.

Jack Kerouac’s original On the Road manuscript is on display in London. Link. “The 120 feet scroll was written over a period of three weeks in April 1951. Kerouac typed onto rolls of paper which were taped together into a long scroll so he did not have to halt his creative flow.” When Truman Capote (I think it was Capote) heard that Kerouac had written the book in three weeks, he sneered, “That ain’t writing. That’s typing.”