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This story is sad and humorous at the same time: “An elderly parishioner has stunned Spanish cultural officials with an alarming and unauthorised attempt to restore a prized Jesus Christ fresco.” She honestly meant no harm:

This kinda reminds me of the late night line about Ron Paul: “Snoop Dog supports Ron Paul. He agrees with his positions on everything from legalizing marijuana to legalizing marijuana.” Top Ten Marijuana Myths and Facts.

This quote by, apparently, Jorge Luis Borges, got me thinking: “So you plant your garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.” The role of the garden plays a big role in western civilization, especially literature. I suspect a person could amass a huge anthology of garden essays, garden poems, and garden quotes. I never gave it much thought before (no doubt because I never gave much thought to gardens until it recently became a near-obsession with me), but it’s something I’m going to ponder. . . . and I’m going to delve into my reference library to see what they say about it.