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If you needed confirmation that Olympic athletes are pigs, look no further: “no matter the host country, it’s always a struggle keeping booze and condoms in strong supply.” * * * * * * * I saw Spider Man yesterday. Very good movie. B+. * * * * * * * The State of Michigan has been on a relentless ad campaign called “Pure Michigan.” It has spawned some hilarious parodies, as well as some resentment from our neighbors. Ohio is preparing to retaliate. * * * * * * * One of those parodies:

Standing up in a wedding? It’s quite the honor . . . and quite the expense. When I got married, the poor suckers had to fork out $125 for a nice tux, plus a few bucks for incidentals. Total outlay? Maybe $200. Those days are over. * * * * * * * Funny Bill Kauffman on limited government Republicans:

I am a notoriously poor forecaster—every year I pick the Buffalo Bills to win the Super Bowl—but I can with unshakeable confidence predict that Republican invocations of constitutional limits on the powers of the national government will cease as soon as another Republican wins the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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