The Evening Eudemon

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From the current issue of New York Magazine:

In Hell’s Kitchen recently, two overweight tourists caused a pedicab to tip over backward. TDE comment: It’s a phenomenon slated to increase. A study released this week says that 33% of all Americans are now obese.

In Central Park, a dog can now be rented for $15 an hour. TDE comment: That’s kinda surprising. Dogs are in abundant supply. Kids are cheap. How much to rent a kid?

In Sweden, a 61-year-old man who was relieving himself in the woods was caught on tape being knocked over by a bear chasing an elk. NYM comment: “Could’ve happened to any of us.” TDE comment: Definitely me, a man with a penchant for outdoor urination.

Jason Alexander (George on Seinfeld) got in hot water for calling cricket “gay.” TDE comment: Not that there’s anything wrong with that.