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Gay Marriage

Insightful piece at Vox Populi on gay marriage. I can’t say I quite agree with it, but the author makes the general point I’ve made over the years: gay marriage is only succeeding because straight people ruined marriage to begin with. Gay marriage is the caboose hitched to the 1930 Lambeth Conference train. Now, I still put gay marriage on a different plane, but that plane’s elevation level is much closer to the contraceptive mindset than to the Catholic marriage mindset. The Vol Populi article puts the two on the same plane, and, though I wouldn’t, the article is compelling. Excerpt:

Same-sex marriage does not redefine marriage. That has already taken place. The institution of marriage has been transformed from a social institution geared toward the bearing and rearing of children to an individualistic institution geared toward personal happiness and fulfillment. Once homophobia started to fade away, and gay people were finally treated with the dignity they deserve, then same-sex marriage – defined in this way – is a completely natural progression.

In other words, we now define marriage in purely Lockean terms, as the unfettered ability of the fully independent individual to choose and exercise power, to be fully in control of his or her possessions and persons. Marriage, in this sense, becomes a natural right and any prohibition against marriage becomes an unjust act of coercion, especially since there is no apparent competition with the rights of others.

Of course, between the gay marriage stunt and the attack on Catholic health providers, Barack seems hell-bent on getting me to vote in this year’s election. But as of now, I’m standing firm: voting ain’t worth my time, it merely encourages the politicians, and a non-vote does more good than a vote. What’s the old saying? “What if they threw a war and nobody came?” I ask the same thing: “What if they threw an election and nobody voted?” Maybe we’ll find out someday (yeah, I know, Cervantes and all that).


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