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Death and Drinking Stuff

Can local regulation lead to suicide? Possibly. Click here for a disturbing description of the harassment that Andrew Wordes of Roswell, Georgia, endured. I would love to read the other side of the story, but if this piece is remotely balanced, it’s highly-disturbing. * * * * * * * Are you still a fan of the 21-year-old drinking age? Problem is, repression of things natural result in twisted eruptions. The most recent: teens drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk. Let the kids get blown up in some pointless war but deny them a beer. When you officially condone such idiocy, death by drinking hand sanitizer is the kind of idiocy you get. * * * * * * * Have I ever mentioned my idea of a drinking permit? It’d function much like a driver’s permit: After a few classes on drinking responsibly, a youngster would get a permit that allows him to drink, as long as he’s with a parent or guardian. The parent would be held unaccountable if the child drinks to excess and the child would lose his permit and not be allowed to drink until age 21. If the child drinks responsibly, he get his full-blown drinking license upon graduation from high school. Just a thought.


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