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Not much today. The Springsteen concert Thursday night went very late, then we came home to out-of-town company and Abbie’s final high school play.

A few quick words on Springsteen: You better be a HUGE fan, if you go to his concert. He started an hour late (I hear that’s common these days; I hadn’t been to a major concert in over 20 years) and he’s really hammering home his slow stuff and new stuff. He’s come out with many albums in the past twenty years. From what I know, most of them didn’t do well on the charts, but he’s really hitting them hard at his concerts, to the detriment of playing his great old stuff. I actually fell asleep twice during the main part of the show because the songs were so slow. Springsteen, though, is a great performer and tries to please the fans, albeit on his terms (his slow, new music), and when he plays his classics, he brings the house down. The encore, which featured “Thunder Road,” “Born to Run,” “Out on the Streets,” “Dancing in the Dark,” and “Tenth Avenue Freeze-out,” was the best 25 minutes of rock-n-roll showmanship I’ve ever witnessed.