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So I’m at a party this weekend. A friend tells me about three colleges that her talented son is considering: Michigan, Stanford, and Ohio State. He apparently has a shot at getting into all of them. I responded that Stanford is easily the best of those three, possibly the best in the country, and that Michigan wouldn’t even be in the same tier, although it’s one of the best public universities in the nation.

I then expressed surprise that OSU (academically, a middling school at best; I remember reading that, back in the 1980s, they admitted any non-felon with a high school diploma) was even in the discussion. She kinda shrugged and indicated that her son really liked the campus. She paused and added, “But man, there were a ton of gays there. That really turned him off.”

I responded, “More than Ann Arbor? I find that hard to believe.” And she said, “Oh, easily. Honestly, I don’t recall seeing any openly gay people in Ann Arbor, but Columbus was crawling with them.”

The conversation was still in my head when I surfed upon this piece: Ohio State Football Coach Urban Meyer Anti-Gay & Anti-Atheist? The gist of the story: If a football player screws up during practice, he must wear a lavender jersey as punishment. Homosexuals are furious about it. The fact that Meyer is a professed Christian makes it even worse.

I’ve long been suspect of OSU’s success on the basketball court and football field (hindsight bias be damned: I could sense five years ago that Tressel wasn’t honest). If OSU is really this strongly homosexual, I gotta believe it will hurt recruiting efforts. If OSU continues its dominating way, my suspicion about its programs will increase. In the meantime, the maize and blue in my blood will enjoy these OSU gay stories.

Aside: After writing the above, I surfed for “Ohio State” and “gay” articles. I didn’t find much (though I learned Columbus hosted a 2011 Gay Pride Parade), but I did find the O-H-I-O Because the Y.M.C.A. wasn’t gay enough Facebook page. It’s not terribly funny, but this line cracked me up: “Maybe Terrelle Pryor isn’t gay. But his boyfriend is.”