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I collected a lot of beer cans in my youth and I’ve drank a lot of different beers as an adult, but I ain’t never heard of no National Beer. Anybody else ever hear of it?

A convenience store client of mine, incidentally, was able to order Cass River Blonde Ale from his distributor. My case arrived yesterday, and I quaffed while composing this post. My liver is quaking. The Beer Advocate gives it a B+, which is also what it gives Oberon. So I’m guessing B+ is a very good score and not, in today’s world of grade inflation, merely average or slightly above average.

If you scroll down a ways, you’ll see lots of reviewers gave Cass River “A” and “A-” grades.

Alright, a friend bought me one of those fancy beer samplers. I’ve never heard of any of the beers. Can anyone tell me anything about these New Holland Brewing Company beers?

Ichabod Pumpkin Ale (I’m looking forward to trying my first pumpkin beer). Beer Advocate: B-.
Sundog Amber Ale. Beer Advocate: B.
Full Circle Kolsch-style Beer. Beer Advocate: B.
Mad Hatter India Pale Ale. Beer Advocate: B+.
The Poet Oatmeal Stout. Beer Advocate: B+.

I’m pretty stoked about my sudden beer wealth. The Poet’s label is, I’m guessing, modeled on Edgar Allen Poe’s Raven. I might have to drink that one first, especially given its Beer Advocate score . . . and the possibility that it’s laced with opium (you know, in honor of Poe).


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