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Blatz plays a key role at the end of The Adventures of Beer Man, so when I saw this poster, I decided to post it.

New Beer Writer

I ran across an unfamiliar beer writer this week, E.D. Kain. Earlier this week, he wrote a decent post about beer’s decline across America, but pointing out that craft beer sales continue to climb. Link. At the beginning of the post, he linked to some of his previous beer articles, which look pretty good.

I was especially intrigued by the “Human Economy” beer post, but overall, it was disappointing. I was expecting some drunken Wilhelm Roepke insight, but no. He doesn’t even seem to be aware of Roepke, though the piece had some decent passages, like this:

When we talk about regulation, I think it’s important to dissect the nature of the regulation itself. A regulation that simply requires beer to adhere to specific quality standards is pretty benign. Regulations that grant monopoly distribution rights, prohibit grocery stores from selling alcohol, and make it impossible for new entrants to make and/or sell their beer are harmful and stupid.

Drunken Sport

Idea: Leave work early and start drinking heavily. Go outside and look for a piece of the falling satellite. The piece could be moving as fast as 240 mph. Try to get under the piece, jumping out of the way at the last second. Repeat.

Note: Be sure to get it on video, then send me the YouTube link for posting here.

More on the satellite debris here.