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Hockey BeerDrinking Night in Canada

I like wine, but sometimes it’s out of place. Like at Oktoberfest. Or at the typical frat party. Or a bachelor party. Or Thursday night bowling league. Those occasions call for beer. And if you drink wine at a hockey game, someone’s going to ask what kind of bra you wear. Hockey and beer go together like love and marriage. You can have one without the other, yes, but they’re so much better when together. So imagine the joy at Molson-Coors when they nailed down the NHL sponsorship contract for the next seven years. And it’s good for beer drinkers. Even though I’m not a big Molson fan, it’s better than Bud or Bud Light (then again, so’s my urine). Bud Light is currently the official beer of the NHL, but that’s going to change: The new contract also makes Molson Canadian the official beer of the NHL. * * * * * * * Digging Wiki. First the Mises Wiki mentioned yesterday, now a WikiHow about making beer: How to Make a Home Brewery a Commercial Nanobrewery There are basically three levels of self-brewing: homebrewing, nanobrewing, and microbrewing. Nano is the bridge between home and micro. It’s basically homebrewing, but with a commercial slant. The wiki article appears to give good advice (I know virtually nothing homebrewing), but I didn’t see a step labeled, “Dealing the crypto-fascist neo-prohibitionist alcohol regulators in your state.” Without that step, I question the entire link. * * * * * * * Ice, Ice Baby. And as long as we’re on the “how to” kick, here’s a link about how ice wine is made. It sounds hard, and I’m not sure why anybody would bother: “The acid content is high but the alcohol content lower than what you have with most wines.”

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