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streetsign.jpgSubways and Stress

Learned over the weekend: The New York Subway system was built by private business, but later regulated by the City. The City insisted on preserving the long-standing five-cent fare, despite rising inflation costs. Eventually, the private businesses couldn’t survive anymore, so they sold out to the City, who then used tax revenues to subsidize the low fares. * * * * * * * I’ve received three raised-eyebrow comments or complaints about the video link yesterday. My apologies for the link. I was trying to help the kid out by driving traffic to his site, and even though the fare is hardly what readers expect to find here, I found it more juvenile than offensive. But tastes differ, and if you were offended, my apologies. * * * * * * * Another fine example of public stewardship: LA unveils $578M school, costliest in the nation. Maybe this will get the public schools into a building war, like the universities who keep competing for students by building amenities. * * * * * * * I’ll have to memorize this list: Ten ways to reduce stress.