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Brews You Can Use

“In 1948 Dallas socialite Margaret “Margarita” Sames wanted a refreshing poolside drink while on vacation in Mexico. Using her favorite liquor, she tested different combinations of tequila, Cointreau and lime until she found the perfect combo of sweet, salty and sour.” Find that and 19 other stories behind the names of food dishes and drinks here. * * * * * * * No surprises here: “Wine companies and retailers have been switching away from glass bottles in order to lighten the environmental footprint of their packaging, but in doing so they are shortening the lives of some wines.” * * * * * * * Typically, you can store whites for three to five years, reds five to fifteen. Go here for more details. * * * * * * * Move over wine tasting. Beer tasting is on the rise. * * * * * * * “Honey, buy a Wii and tell the kids I’m taking over the game room tonight.” How to use Wii fit as a killer drinking game.