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So, a man on the inside comes forward and says, “The big boys are artificially manipulating the gold and silver markets.” It’s a fairly damning accusation, from a guy (I’ve been led to believe) with the credentials to make the allegations. He is then nearly whacked in a suspicious hit-and-run. He wasn’t killed, but he thinks it was an assassination attempt.

I heard all that on podcasts over the past six weeks, but wasn’t sure what to think. Then yesterday, a friend sent me a link to the story, which in turn links to the New York Post. Now, the Post is probably the most sensationalist of the NY rags, but the Murdoch paper is reliable, so I am now officially suspicious.

I’m not (yet) willing to believe the big banks are actually murdering people, but regardless, it’s highly interesting stuff. I’d think that, if J.P. Morgan Chase wanted to kill someone, they’d just poison his food in a way to make it look like a heart attack, but the timing of the hit-and-run and the post-chase are just too bizarre to write off instinctively as a mere coincidence.