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Greek GodsDollars, Happiness, Mass, and More

Oh oh: “The beneficial impact of last weekend’s $1 trillion “shock and awe” intervention by Europe to save Greece and safeguard the Euro is fading-even more quickly than officials had feared.” That’s not some renegade Gold Bug blog talking. That’s from the revered Financial Times, a publication that Axel Merk says, if you can subscribe to only one financial publication, this is the one. When FT talks, people (should) listen, but central banks won’t. Of this, I’m fairly certain. * * * * * * * Funniest headline from my weekend readings: The Euro or the Yugo? * * * * * * * No wonder I’ve been grouchy lately: “Internet Use Makes Us Happier, Says Mental-Health Study.” The kid functions have zapped my computer time, hence my sour disposition these days. * * * * * * * I stopped going to weekday Masses once the little league season started early last month. I started going again two weeks ago when things lightened up at work a little. I noticed a remarkable uptick in my mood (except for a few days when I didn’t get much sleep) that I wasn’t anticipating. It reminded me of Thomas Merton’s observation in The Seven Storey Mountain about going to Mass every day shortly after his conversion. A friend remarked to him that he seemed awfully happy. Merton didn’t even realize it, but upon reflection, he knew it was true, then realized that the uptick in his emotions started with his quotidian Mass resolution. * * * * * * * Cold showers, too, might improve your mood. It’s less painful to go to church, but the cold shower might also have health benefits. (PG link). * * * * * * * Jimmy Kimmel cracked me up with this one: “Obesity-related illnesses cost around $150 billion a year, and cause long-term health problems for our children. But on the plus side, the fatter they are, the less likely it is that they’ll run away from home.”