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bells-oberon-2010Salvador, My Friend!

I’ve always found Salvador Dali a little too freaky for my tastes. Oberon, however, is perfect for my tastes (though too many Oberons make me feel a little Dali). In any event, I’m looking forward to seeing Dali grace my backyard this summer: “Bell’s Brewery will add some historical significance to its Oberon mini-kegs when they are released this spring (typically in May). The mini-kegs will feature an interpretation of Salvador Dali’s masterpiece, “The Persistence of Memory.” The clocks from the original are replaced with Oberon logos.”

Les Boys Do Cabaret . . .

Fag Nazis returning to Germany: “Germans may be famous around the world for their beer, but they drank less of the amber nectar in 2009 than at any time in the past 20 years, according to official statistics published on Thursday.”

(A free Oberon to the first TDE reader, besides my brother, to identify the source of the headline to this blurb.)

British beer consumption, on the other hand, might be improving soon. UK beer sales show signs of lifting out of the recessionary slump as 2009 fourth quarter results show the lowest fall for two years. Then again, this type of stat is like the optimists who think things are getting better because, though unemployment has increased, it is now increasing at a slower pace.


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