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Even though Senator Brown seems content with Roe v. Wade, he does have a soft spot for Catholic nuns: Senator Scott Brown, a protestant, raised money for an order of Cistercian Catholic nuns in Wrentham. Brown has a special relationship with the order. As a bonus, the nuns told him they pray for him three times a day.

I guess I gotta see “The Book of Eli:” Denzel Washington understands that Eli is the servant of the Lord, the bearer of the Word, and that it is the word that “sustains” creation. Washington’s spiritual maturity is what makes this film what it is, nothing less than art conceived as an act of worship.

Information overload has long interested me. It looks like it’s interesting many others. From The Economist: “Atul Gawande argues that humanity is in danger of sinking under the weight of knowledge, as scientists accumulate ever more information and the professions splinter into minute varying specialties.” Amen. I think it’s a call to return to a basic philosophy that gives us sound premises with which to sift through the bombardment of information that comes at us every day. And by “basic philosophy,” I’m talking about common sense philosophy–a/k/a Thomism. Baconian empiricism doesn’t work because there’s too much information, and the same goes with all the other ersatz modern philosophies: utilitarianism (Mill), positivism (Comte), and pragmatism (James). They can’t work because no one can sift through all the information to make them work. Some of the older philosophies might make a comeback, like Stoicism and skepticism, but all those science-enamored philosophies? The information age is crushing them to the absurdities they always were.

A writer at the leftist Huffington Post says Bernanke should step aside and make way for Vocker to re-take the reins. That’s nice to see, but then I see heart-attack inducing headlines like this one: Should Krugman replace Bernanke?