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Tebow severely disappointed me (“disgusted me” might be more accurate) with his crying at the end of Florida’s loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship game, but his heart and head are in the right spot: He’s going to appear in a pro-life commercial, which will probably contain an “anti-abortion message chronicling Pam Tebow’s 1987 pregnancy. After getting sick during a mission trip to the Philippines, she ignored a recommendation by doctors to abort her fifth child and gave birth to Tim.” Link.

If the Democrats get their way, how would a medical provider practice medicine and avoid federal requirements to provide abortion-type services? S/he wouldn’t. S/he’d quit and do something else. Recent evidence of the Dem position.

Americans are buying guns. Good for them. A garden, some gold, and a gun. The three Gs to a minimal amount of self-reliance. Link.

Sarcasm Corner: Religion is so intolerant! If we were just all secular humanists, the world would be a better place. Here’s proof: The tolerant face of the new atheism (R-rated).

We might need to get those printing molds back out: We used to have a $100,000 bill, as well as an assortment of other large-currency bills. Link.

More about gold, this time of the archeological variety. It reminds me of why I think, in the long run, gold will out: An archaeological mission from the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of Warsaw University excavating in a monastic building at Deir Al-Malah Monastery at Naqlun in Fayoum recently unearthed a decorated clay cup of Aswan production full of coins. The hoard consists of 18 gold coins and 62 fragments of coins, all of them provisionally dated to the Abbasid period.

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Three rednecks were working up on a cell phone tower: Cooter, Ronnie and Donnie. As they start their descent, Cooter slips, falls off the tower and is killed instantly. As the ambulance takes the body away, Ronnie says, ‘Well, damn, someone should go and tell his wife.

Donnie says, ‘OK, I’m pretty good at that sensitive stuff, I’ll do it.’ Two hours later, he comes back carrying a case of Budweiser.

Ronnie says, ‘Where did you get that beer, Donnie?’

‘Cooter’s wife gave it to me,’ Ronnie replies.

‘That’s unbelievable, you told the lady her husband was dead and she gave you beer?’

‘Well, not exactly’, Donnie says. ‘When she answered the door, I said to her, “you must be Cooter’s widow.”

She said, ‘You must be mistaken. I’m not a widow.’ Then I said, ‘I’ll bet you a case of Budweiser you are.’

Rednecks are good at sensitive stuff.