From the Notebooks

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Random Bill Bonner quotes. That guy slays me:

“If markets do the work of God, as has been suggested, it is the God of the Old Testament, not the New.” Bill Bonner

“All major governments seem to have come together in some unholy socialism, but where are all the socialists? Few politicians will even admit to the creed they all share. And what voter really cares? Bill Bonner

“The major trend of the entire Western world since the French Revolution has been toward more voting and less liberty. ‘Give me a liberty or give death,’ said Patrick Henry, at a time when government regulations were almost nonexistent and the total tax intake was less than 3 percent. What could he have been thinking.” Bill Bonner

“Every two or four years, Americans celebrate their democratic freedom by shuffling off to the voting booth. Then, they go back to doing as they are told.” Bill Bonner

“Thanks to Information Age communications, people grow more ignorant every day.” Bill Bonner