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Autobiographical Corner

Just a brief note. After a righteous Thanksgiving Eve outing with friends and family, I spent Thanksgiving Day with my Mom, brothers, sisters-in-law, nephews, nieces, wife, and children. Marie and The Seven then drove through night and rain to get to Detroit around 9:30 p.m. I don’t always do well with night glare, but it wasn’t too bad that evening, though I was exhausted all day Friday.

If you saw the pictures over the weekend, you’ll notice I did all sorts of stuff: Christmas Parade and Red Wings game, but also a family outing to all-you-can-eat Old Country Buffet (a perfect meal just 22 hours after Thanksgiving gluttony dinner), flea market, McDonald’s, family party Saturday evening with pizza and beer. It was enjoyable, though tiring.

When we got back Sunday afternoon, we unpacked, then prepared for the family tree-decorating party, with a big dinner spread. That went well, but by when time finally freed up for blogging, it was already getting late, hence my Norman Rockwell cop-out today. I trust you understand.

Reminder: Advent is a penitential season. I toyed with the idea of suspending this blog during Advent, but my wife doesn’t want me to make any rash decisions while I’m still “playing catch up” with my life. I’ve given up on the idea that my life will ever return to normal, but I’m inclined to think that’s a good thing. I”m not so sure the priorities I’d set and loves I’d developed (like this blog) are good for me. At some point, blogging may have to be abandoned, but not now. I will continue through 2009, then see what takes place. By the end of today, over different 12,000 persons (computers) will have frequented this site. That’s a very strong number, but it’s not translating to increased Amazon sales or other benefits, so I don’t know what to think. Again, we’ll see. Prayers for guidance are much appreciated. I’m not in a quandary or confused, I’m not sad or frustrated, I’m just a big shoulder shrug. Nothing really gets to me, for good or evil. Maybe I’m still numb.

But that’s okay. Advent is a season of penance, but it’s also a season of joy. I’m feeling both, despite the numbness. And that’s kinda cool.