Abbreviated Thursday

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With the end of football (see post immediately below), I thought my life was about to shift to leisure mode: lots of time for reading, writing, and drinking. But no: parent-teacher conferences, out-of-town seminars, Halloween festivities. The . . . (um, er) excrement never stops. Plus I’m not feeling well. I thought yesterday afternoon that I was coming down with the flu, but now I think it was just a minor migraine. Anyway, not much time for blogging today. Just this:

The Origins of All 30 NBA Team Names

And some decent Jimmy Kimmel:

The movie “Paranormal Activity” brought in $21 million over the weekend — amazing since it only cost $35 to make.

They said it cost 15 grand to make. I don’t think they should charge the same ticket price for a movie that cost less than a Korean automobile.

The guy who made it shot the whole movie in his house using his friends as actors. He couldn’t afford special effects so he actually had to kill his friends at the end of the movie.

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the move “Terminator.” “Terminator” was the movie we liked so much we elected it governor.

Back when he was with Ben Stein, Stein wrote in the American Spectator that Kimmel has incredible talent and that he’d be big some day. Looks like Stein was right for the most part.