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Baby-bottle-53831FHere, Drink This Baby Bottle of Red Dye

Is it me, or is there something wrong with this picture (emphasis mine): “Doctors at five sites in England are comparing vaccines from two manufacturers to see which works best and has fewer side-effects. Over the next two weeks 1,000 children aged six months to 12 years are being recruited in Oxford, Bristol, Southampton, Exeter and London.” Link.

I honestly don’t have an opinion on this whole H1N1 immunization controversy, but if there are side effects, ought doctors be recruiting infants? Maybe this is standard O.P., but it strikes me as a little loony.

Thunderbird and Ripple Accessories Not Included

This is the funniest serious story I’ve read all month (and it’s the 30th): “The wildly popular and outrageously pricey American Girl Store recently released a new doll. Her name is Gwen Thompson and she is homeless. According to her back story, her dad took off on the family, mom fell on hard times and now she sleeps in her car.” Link.

Forget the irony that a homeless doll costs $95. If this is successful, are they going to come out with related urban dolls: Rufus Jones, Pimp. He b**** slaps Gwen when she fails to bring in enough money. Wino Ted. He sleeps under a newspaper and sometimes defecates himself. You can change him! Cracky. She makes methamphetamine in her van and sometimes earns yet more meth by, well, associating with Rufus Jones.

Can You Spell, “Sanctionable”?

Werbel recently filed a lawsuit in San Francisco federal court alleging that he bought and ate boxes of Froot Loops based on his mistaken belief the cereal contained fruit.

Heck, the lawsuit is in San Francisco. They guy’s mistaken belief could’ve been a whole lot worst.

Let’s Hope

John Travolta’s public acknowledgement that his son, who died in January, was autistic has former Scientologists convinced that he will leave the church. I’ve always liked Travolta for some reason. It’d be great if he returned to his Roman-Catholic roots, though I’m not holding my breath.

Jouvenel Corner

Jouvenel liked this quote: “People are wrong in thinking me ambitious–I am touched by the misfortunes of people; I want them to be happy and, if I live ten years, the French will be happy.”

That’s Napoleon.

Is it much of a stretch to insert that sentiment into, say, FDR, justifying why he would run for four terms as president: “People are wrong in thinking me ambitious. I want what’s best for America. If I hold office for another ten years, America will be a great nation.”

But of course, FDR was highly ambitious. He loved the smell of power in the morning (and would often wake up, capriciously thinking, “Where should I peg the value of the gold dollar today?”). He got a genuine kick out of it, like a thoroughly avaricious man who claims his investment obsession is a mere hobby. Power and Greed. They’re brothers, but they don’t know they’re brothers. The Power brother doesn’t think he’s greedy for power, and the Greedy brother doesn’t think he’s hungry for power. They both think they’re, at worst, harmless and benign. More often, they think they’re engaged on an altruistic pursuit of great good. That’s when they’re scariest.